Repairing Barbour waxed cotton Jacketts
The Repair and Reproof sewing workshop
The Repair and Reproof sewing workshop
Re-impregnation of Barbour wax Jacketts
Re-waxing Barbour Jacketts by hand
Replacing the wax layer of Barbour Jacketts to offer enhanced wind and water-repellent properties
Repair and replacement of lining and collar

Driving innovation to tailor the future of our sewing workshop 4.0

We are young and motivated, we love fashion.
Fashion has always been the key focus of what we do and the services we offer.

The Witra brand stands for tradition and sustainability.

We are textile logistics,
we are processing and ironing,
we are quality control.

Our sewing workshop is selected as the Repair & Rewax partner for Barbour.

Our current lead time is approx. 4-6 weeks.


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