Repairing Barbour waxed cotton Jacketts
The Repair and Reproof sewing workshop
The Repair and Reproof sewing workshop
Re-impregnation of Barbour wax Jacketts
Re-waxing Barbour Jacketts by hand
Replacing the wax layer of Barbour Jacketts to offer enhanced wind and water-repellent properties
Repair and replacement of lining and collar

We provide the highest quality services and treatments for your favourite garments, exceeding your expectations. Right here in the heart of Germany, our highly committed and experienced staff work by hand to breathe new life into your waxed apparel. Our comprehensive range of services offer your wax Jackett all the TLC it will ever need.



If it is well looked after, a wax Jackett can last for decades or more. Depending on environmental factors, each Jackett takes on its own unique patina – and becomes a one-of-a-kind collector's item.

Some traces of wear, however, may mean that your Jackett needs a facelift. We professionally recondition and repair all wax Jacketts.

What we do:

  • Professional cleaning of waxed cotton clothing
  • Reconditioning by specially trained Barbour seamstresses
  • Repairs with original materials
  • Re-impregnation using traditional wax application process


  1. Our customer service
    We offer you professional advice and direct contact with our technical clothing experts via email or hotline. We will be happy to clarify your questions and explain the best treatments for your garments.
  2. Preparation
    Gentle cleaning before any new impregnation is an important step and ensures that the unique character of your wax Jackett is preserved. We would be more than happy to clean your wax Jackett. Please also see our NOTES.
  3. Repair
    We are the only sewing workshop in Germany that repairs Barbour garments traditionally and with original Barbour "replacement parts”. We use Barbour buttons, zippers and fabrics to professionally refurbish your favourite piece.
  4. Waxing
    A new layer of wax restores your Jackett’s weatherproof properties and offers the best possible protection against the elements. We use a traditional manual waxing process and Barbour's waxing agents to re-wax your Jackett.
  5. Processing and shipment
    Our efficient and reliable order processing ensures that you get your favourite Jackett back as quickly as possible.
  6. Re-wax regularly
    Waxed cotton clothing should be re-waxed regularly. This is the only way to guarantee that your favourite garment performs to the high standards you expect.

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